About KR Jacobsen

Do you remember the Wizards, Warriors, and You books from the 80s? They were knock-offs of Choose Your Own Adventures, only they had a fantasy theme. Those were my first introduction into the world of fantasy, and I’ve been reading it ever since.

After reading the original Dragonlance trilogy, I was so inspired that I decided to try my hand at writing something, only I did perhaps the most expected thing possible: I wrote a story based in Krynn, Dragonlance’s world. And it was bad. Oh so bad.

I filled the many years with reading a lot more Dragonlance (and Weis & Hickman’s other series), Tolkien, Salvatore, Bradbury, Poe, King, Barry, Butcher, and too many others to mention. Yes, I love fantasy, but more importantly I love a good story, and there are so many good authors out there that it becomes difficult to keep up with reading all of them.

Since putting that first line to paper, “The door to the inn opens, and an elf clad in green pants, doublet, boots, and cloak enters the crowded common room of the ‘Weary Traveler’s Inn,'” I haven’t stopped reading and writing. My goal as an author is take you on a ride.

If you can forget about reality for a little while, then I’m happy.

KR Jacobsen is the author of OMNI, an indie contemporary fantasy published in August 2011. He is currently at work on an epic fantasy tentatively slated for December 2011 publication, and is also working on the sequel to OMNI, part two in the DEBATE TEAM series.


About this site

If you’re at all interested in writing, editing, publishing, or any/all of those lovely related things then this is probably a decent place for you to be. Even though this is my personal blog as it relates to my writing and my journey, I understand if you’re really just looking for some information unrelated to my own personal experiences. That’s fine and half the point.

While I won’t claim to always do so, I will try from time to time to post writing and editing tips that I hope will be of use to you. I’ll also try to take a look at the status of the publishing industry as well as relate some of my own experiences (including the nitty-gritty numbers that the true researchers and number crunchers like to see). I figure others have done that, so I may as well do the same, especially given how helpful it’s been for me.

If sharing some of my own struggles, experiences, tips, and numbers can be of help to someone then this is a worthwhile endeavor.

Thanks for visiting.