Omni by KR Jacobsen

An action-packed story of intrigue and cool powers.

When reality fails to follow the laws of physics…

Ryan Sutter is an average guy who finds himself in an impossible situation. What should be a regular day at work becomes a struggle for survival as Ryan finds himself thrust into a dark government underworld where mystery and intrigue are the norm.

Death lurks around every corner, nothing is as it seems, and government agents wield powers that defy the laws of physics and reality.

Omni is available now at the following stores for $2.99 US (non-US readers, please note that Amazon may charge the equivalent of an additional $2 USD that other vendors do not; please check your respective Amazon store):

Amazon Kindle Store

Barnes & Noble

Apple iBooks

If you’re the traditional type that prefers paper, you can find the dead tree version at Amazon or CreateSpace.

(And if you’re the type that likes Smashwords, drop me a line and we’ll work something out.)