Reborn in May 2012!

Reborn, my next book and the beginning of a new trilogy, is almost finished and will be available in May 2012! Woo!

Reborn is an epic fantasy, though it may be a little more accurate to call it a dark fantasy. Omni, while a fantasy, is much more contemporary, Reborn harkens back to the days of swords and sorcery, with a touch of horror to keep things interesting.

For Justin Detrier, he has always lived in the shadow of his brother Morgan, the bigger, stronger brother. Morgan was the chosen one, destined to face the Scourge of Kallandin, an evil wizard who has threatened the land for years. Justin has accepted his fate with grace and humility, but when cryptic rumors become reality and Morgan is no longer capable of ¬†facing down the kingdom’s oldest foe, it’s up to Justin to save the kingdom, only he can’t: the Scourge has cursed him.

Dejected, forlorn, and without hope, Justin must find strength he doesn’t know he has and find a way to save the kingdom when no one else believes the threat that hangs over them. A story of courage, family, pain, and vicious action, Reborn is an uncompromising beginning in this dark fantasy trilogy.

Reborn has been a blast to write, and it’s also been instructive. Whether it’s in writing or just life in general, it’s important to try new things, and with this story, I’ve definitely done that. I’m not used to using elements of horror in my writing, and it’s been a bit of a challenge to work it into a story that I never originally viewed as such, but one that naturally came together that way.

I’m currently in the editing phase and anticipate finishing in the next week or two, followed by some final fine-tuning and proofreading and that sort of fun thing. At this rate, Reborn is on target for a May 2012 release.

Perhaps because life is a funny thing and certain facets of it are up in the air for me, this will be a bit of a kick in the rear and I’ll be able to get the next Debate Team story completed soon. I’ve been working on it in between revising and editing Reborn, and I’m currently a little over 25% of the way through. With a little luck, a summer release is entirely possible.

I’m excited at the prospect of getting the next Debate Team novel finished as I’ve increased the scope over the first book by introducing the perspective of some characters who didn’t get much screen time in¬†Omni. By doing so it should answer some questions people have had and really give folks a feel for who these people are and why they’re doing what they’re doing. At the very least, I like how it’s coming together.

So, there’s a couple of books updates cryptically wrapped inside a couple of vague words about changes in life and such. Come back soon and check out Reborn. I can hardly wait!

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