Light At the End of the Tunnel

To this point I’ve done little other than wax philosophic on the blog, be it about publishing or writing, so I figure I should take a moment to mention something about what this is all actually about: my stories. Seems like a no-brainer, and yet it’s easy to get distracted by other things.

At this point I’m unsure of the title, else I’d actually share it. I had a title for it when I originally wrote it, but the story ended up taking a turn because it’s a seat-of-my-pants story (see my post on the writing process and outlining if a little more explanation is necessary). Because of that change, and because I’m still not through my most recent (and second-to-final) revision, I haven’t yet settled on a title.

I’m not worried about it, though. While titles don’t necessarily come to me, I’m feeling confident about one coming to me for this one, assuming I don’t go with my original one. Regardless, as I’ve danced about the subject matter a bit, here’s a little about the book itself.

It’s something of a contemporary fantasy married to a thriller, but it’s very light on the fantasy elements because there’s no vampires or werewolves or anything like that, just some people who happen to have extraordinary abilities, albeit in somewhat limited fashion. There’s no crazy mutant powers here, just telekinetics, telepathy, and other similar things. You could almost use the old D&D term of psionics, but it’s not going that far.

The story follows a couple of characters who, after an attack on a small town, are trying to find out who is behind the attack and trying to save the town. However, for one of those characters, this is a strange, frightening new world and it’s a harsh, unforgiving lesson that there’s a lot more going on in the world than what most people see. Secret government organizations and conspiracy theories abound.

It’s a story that’s full of twists and turns, gritty action, and chase scenes that would make Ronin proud. It’s the first in a series of stories that are a little shorter than most of my novels but are sure to fit in with any thriller lover’s bookshelf.

The book right now, as mentioned, is in the final revision stage prior to being sent to my editor. It’s on schedule to make it to editing in early July, and assuming it doesn’t come back riddled with bullets, should be available in August. (Of course, I still need to get a cover done, but I’m just about to shoot out some inquiries to artists, so a cover is right around the corner.)

As it gets closer to August, I’ll post a little more about the book and post some excerpts as well. For now, however, I’m afraid this will have to do.

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